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My Swim Buddy Methodology

Our gentle and effective approach allows us to reach our students where they are. Throughout the entire My Swim Buddy training process, our teachers are trained to read and begin to understand their student’s feedback (verbal and nonverbal) and then to introduce new skills based on each student’s needs, water comfort level, and learning capability. We seek to build our swimmer’s comfort, confidence, skills, and love for the water throughout their swim journey with us.

Levels of Achievement

The colored cap system is a visible sign of a student’s progress, awarding the caps as students reach significant levels of achievement in their swimming abilities.

As a swimmer advances they must maintain the ability to perform the skills of lower levels.

kind underwater holding breath wearing gray swim cap
white swim cap

Level 1: White Cap

Water Discovery & Confidence


Underwater Discovery
Going Under Water
Opening Eyes Under Water

Breath Control

Crab Walk
Back Float

Movement in Water
Roll from Stomach to Back
Moves water with arms and legs

gray icon

Level 2: Gray Cap

Safety & Confidence


Pool Discovery & Safety
Circle at Stairs (Assisted)
Dives and Jumps Safely
Climbs out from Poolside (Elbow-Elbow-Tummy-Leg)
Circle at Stairs (Independent)
Jump-Float (Assisted)

Breath Control and Submersion
Bobs (5 for 5 seconds-1 Second)

Back & Front Float (Unassisted)
Submersion to Back Float (Shallow, Vertical, Full Body)
Submersion with object retrieval ( 3ft)

Stroke Development
Streamline Soft Start (10 yards)
Roll Over
Kicking with a Swim Noodle (Independently)
Surfer Style Kicking (10 yards)
Sitting & Kneeling Dive (If the pool is at least 8 ft deep)
Pull Touch Arm Strokes (15 yards)
Moves water with arm strokes
Side breathe on kick boards while kicking
Swim face down 15 yards (similar to freestyle) w/ side-breath
Streamline Backstroke Kicks for 15 yards
Elementary Backstroke for 15 yards (Monkey-Star-Zoom )
Monkey-Star-Zoom (Student)

orange icon

Level 3: Orange Cap

Pool Discovery & Safer Play


Hard Work
Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

To make friends, be a friend.

Safe Water Entry & Exit

Underwater Discovery & Breath Control

Introduction to Buoyancy

Preparation for Swimming Strokes

green icon

Level 4: Green Cap

Independent Swimming


Be more interested in finding the best way, not having your way.

Make each day special.

Pool Discovery & Safety

Rhythmic Breathing

Submersion with Controlled Body Movement

Independent Buoyancy

yellow icon

Level 5: Yellow Cap

Safer – Stronger Swimmer


Control yourself so others won’t have to.

What you learn after you know it all is what counts.

Be quick but don’t hurry.

Independent & Safe Pool Exploration

Introduction to Breath Control for Swimming Strokes

Deep Water Submersion with Controlled Body Movement

Effective Movement Through Water

Introduction to Swimming Strokes & Diving

purple icon

Level 6: Purple Cap

Swim Stroke Development


Slow and steady gets you ready.

Act, eat, and think right.

Practice makes perfect.
Achieves 75% of Skills 75% of Time or More

Treads Water for 30 seconds w/ Chin Above Water

Complete 25 yards of Freestyle & Backstroke without Stopping

Arm Stroke Mechanics

Kicking Mechanics

Effective Body & Head Position

Freestyle Side Breathing

blue icon

Level 7: Blue Cap

Swim Team Prep


Team Spirit
Be eager to help your team.

Just be yourself.

Achieves 75% of skills 75% of time or more
Treading water for 45 seconds with chin above water
Can use hand paddles for freestyle

Breaststroke Arm Stroke & Breath
Chin is in or close to the water during breath
Pull finishes in front with hands together
Upside heart shape movement with arms
Hands come together as they extend forward
Paddle hands
Hands stay in front of chest
Elbows come towards body at end of pull
Head and face press forward

Breaststroke Kicking & Timing
Toes Point-Flex-Point
Pull and breath – Bend out squeeze – Glide
1 – 2 second glide
Top of head remains out of water
Feet remain in water
Demonstrates 3 separate parts to stroke

Butterfly Arm Stroke & Breathing
Breath every other stroke
Elbows have small bend during pull
Arms pull all the way back past thighs
Arms return fully extended to front of body with elbows facing sky
Back of hands come together in front of body
Body remains within approximately 1 ft of surface of water

Butterfly Kick & Timing/Rhythm
Toes Pointed
Arm pull leads the dolphin-like movement of body
Feet remain together at all times
Only a small bend in knees
Only a small bend in hips
Rolling motions of body is like a small wave moving under body

red icon

Level 8: Red Cap

Swim Team Star


You must believe in yourself if you expect others to believe in you.

Personal Best

Effectively performs all skills 90% or more of the time
Treading Water for 3 minutes with chin above water
Racing Dives
Efficient and streamlined transitions off wall into each stroke
Flip Turns (All Strokes)

100-yard Freestyle
9 years old and younger: under 2 minutes
10 to 12 years old: 1:45 or under
13 to 14 years old: 1:40 or under
15 years old and above: 1:35 or under

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